Questions & Answers

Below are some Questions and Answers between Various Devotees and Shivapuri Baba.

About Body

Q: Why Body is necessary to achieve Right life?
A: Because without this dexterity in action doesn’t come without it.

Q: How to discipline our Body?
A: By drilling the body like a new recruit in an army-Sleep, food, bathing & cleaning and other basic needs.

About intellect

Q: How to improve the intellect?
A: If we concentrate on DUTY only but not in useless or harmful activities every action gives success. Life will be materially prosperous and happy like a King.

Q: Is this enough for RL?
A: No, with the death of the body this also disappear.

About Mind

Q: How to purify our mind?
A: By not indulging in liking, disliking and creating new desires. This will give us material prosperity and occult powers like ability to see/touch/feel/know faraway objects.

Q: Is it Permanent?
A: No, with the death of the body this will disappears.

About Soul

Q: How to purify our Soul?
A: By acquiring 26 virtues as mentioned in the 16th chapter of the Geeta, by meditation, and by surrender to God.

Q: Why surrender is necessary?
A: Because without this you can not reach HIM.

Q: What are the benefits after Purify our Soul?
A: We become free from Lust, Anger, Greed, infatuation, Pride & Jealousy.


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