Shivapuri Baba was born in 1826 AD in Kerala, South India.

He lost his parents at the age of 9, so his grandfather Achyutam who was a well known Astrologer in the court of Tipu Sultan and a reputed jeweler and exporter of spices to various countries, looked after him.

The family was very learned as well; even the staff working in the house for service used to talk in Sanskrit, which was their family language. When Achyutam retired and wanted to spend the rest of his life in a forest doing his Spiritual Sadhana, SB accompanied him. He stayed with him till his death. Thereafter, he enter deep into the Narmada Forest and started his quest for God.

After nearly 25 years of severe penance, he got God Realization, the final destination wich, Shivapuri Baba said, every human being must reach.
Then, he set out to travel, as wished by his Grandfather, for the great journey: The round of the world, (80% on foot), and fortified his knowledge about this world. This, I imagine, enable him to synthesize wordly knowledge with Spiritual achievement. Probably, this helped him to explain about Right Life to any sort of seekers belonging to different religions or atheists who could understand his Teaching very well.

What is the gift of his Right Life ? ”It is very simple , to carry Body, Intellect, Mind and Soul to perfection”.

He said that every living being must reach this Goal to become 100% free. Because Man being the crown of all living beings, is the only one who can achieve this. How to achieve this? By practicing the three disciplines, Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

Physical discipline: It takes the seekers Body and Intellect to perfection by making his body healthy. At the same time restricting himself to his SWADHARMA or chosen DUTY and never straying into useless and harmfull activities, make his life successful and wealthy. He becomes happy and lives his life as a king, but he cannot achieve the Highest , God.

Mental discipline: This discipline tames his mind as a result of which it comes to possess The COMMANDING and CONTROLLING POWERS over his senses and their objects. He becomes free from his Likings and Dislikings ; He does not stray into speculation and unlawful desires and actions, in this way he becomes happy and accomplished yogi with full of occult powers. But still he is short of GOD. With his death all his accomplishments disappear.

Spiritual discipline: The last discipline enables him to acquire divine qualities, his Soul, bereft of his identification with his body, intellect and mind.-his false « I »- the cage in which he was imprisoned till then. After this he comes to know his real « I ». The Purusha. GOD, the Father, bestows him HIS GRACE wich makes him fit enough to fly to HIS KINGDOM, his birthplace, his birthright, his GOAL, he becomes PUROSOTTAMA, the GREATEST.

He becomes omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, Eternally Blissfull and Immortal.

Shivapuri Baba implores every man to achieve this, reccomanding the practice of the three Disciplines, simultanousely, not dissociated. In the begining, the first two will be predominant. At the end, the third becomes Predominant.


Title: Save Mother Earth From Nuclear Holocaust by RL
Publisher: Dr. Y. B. Shresta Malla
Author: Dr. Y. B. Shresta Malla
Language: English
Description: It contains 272 pages with the following headlines : Preface; Acknowledgement; Few Words; Background; Right Life; God-Realisation; Meditation; Deities; Devotion; Discrimination; Dispassion; Human Life; God-Love/Devotion; To Various Devotees; Maya; SB’s Personal Life; Save Mother Earth; Spiritual Fellowship ( Satsang ); SB on Himself; More about Maya; Some Great Personalities; SB’s General Assessment; Intuition; Summary; Removal of Doubts; Glossary of Sanskrit Words; Bibliography.


Shrine Shivapuri Baba
Shrine Shivapuri Baba
Shrine Shivapuri Baba

The Shivapuri Baba Shrine is located in Kathmandu Nepal near the International Airport.
The Shrine is open every day from 6 am to 6 pm.
You will be able to visit the Shrine where the body of Shivapuri Baba is kept and you will be able to visit a small library which contains books about his teachings and also some spiritual classics books.

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